Fixed: Word Cannot Complete The Save Due to a File Permission Error

6 Jan by Data Master

Most people who often have to type large texts on a computer use the Microsoft Office Word text editor for this purpose. Iis originally installed in every licensed version of Windows operating systems.

Microsoft Office Word is considered the most stable and convenient of all currently existing editors of this kind. However, sometimes such a nuisance can happen that during the typing process the program freezes and the user cannot take any action to the open document.

Roots of the problem

There are a number of other reasons why users may find it difficult to save a document in Microsoft Word. As a rule, if the program does not freeze, then when you try to save the document, a window may appear on the screen. It is notifying: “Word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error”. Its appearance has the following origins:

Attempting to save a file to removable media is the most common reason for an error when saving documents in Microsoft Word. As a rule, it occurs in cases where the document was opened from a USB flash drive or SD card, which was later removed.

To solve this problem, it is enough to connect back the removable media containing the original document and try to save it again. If the attempt is unsuccessful, then save the modified document to a folder on your computer, and then, if necessary, transfer it to a USB flash drive with the replacement of files.

Damage to program files

Often the cause of a problem with saving documents in Microsoft Word may be damaged or deleted program files. They can be damaged both by viruses introduced to the PC from the Internet or unverified removable media.

This problem is solved by removing the entire Microsoft Office package from the computer and reinstalling it completely. However, to avoid this problem in the future, it is strongly recommended that you scan your computer for viruses. You should provide reliable protection against them before reinstalling Microsoft Office.

Suggesting the solution

It is quite logical to assume that when the Microsoft Office Word program hangs, the user cannot perform any actions in it. Including saves the document. This nuisance refers to a number of those problems that are easier to prevent than to fix at the time of their appearance.

In some cases, the program may not correctly recognize some characters in the image. Most often this happens due to the presence of non-standard characters in the text. Besides, the uses of two or more languages, and also due to poor image quality. If you saved a screenshot in PNG format, then the last option can be excluded.

In any case, after the completion of the text recognition process, the program will automatically highlight possible errors in blue in the right part of the main window. There you can also manually edit the text.

After you have corrected the text, copy it from the program window using the “Ctrl + C” key combination. Open your “Word” document, in the process of which Microsoft Office Word is frozen, and paste the missing piece of text into it with the ” Ctrl + V “.

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